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A new way of learning with Iapps

Modern workplace learners want to access content on smaller devices, on the move and in stolen pockets of time – on trains, over breakfast, before meetings” – Kirstie Greany

Bite-sized learning also known as micro-learning is the trending strategy to empower modern day employees. Touching every aspect of life, the fourth industrial revolution is impacting the pedagogy and learning methods as well, especially within organizations. Engaged platforms are contributing immensely in transforming the way we learn and teach. These Learning Management Systems (LMS) are carving a path for the future of learning, giving us full autonomy over the learning process.

Taking into consideration the requirements of the modern learner, Synavos and iApps jump-started a joint venture to build a unique engaged platform for corporate looking to build the knowledge and learning infrastructure within their companies. It provides easy access to knowledge pool, but the vast amount of data circulating within an enterprise is bound to get lost if managed poorly. Thus, the Iapps platform is designed to aid micro-learning, product trainings, building capability and competency for the employees and all the while managing knowledge sharing, so that the many regional branches of a multinational corporation have standardized information and access to the same data, in all parts of the world.

To know more about Synavos and iApps, we invite you to this year’s SIME event – where the two companies will be hosting a breakfast seminar and discuss how to aid micro-learning within organizations. You can register for the event here.

According to Fosway, learning and development opportunities are the #1 attraction to working somewhere, and can make or break employee retention and performance. It becomes a real challenge for the L&D (Learning & Development) teams to develop and implement learning strategies that meet the business and its learners at their point of need.

iApps, thus, is an engaged platform which enables users to create lessons in the course builder and share them to aid micro-learning. The content library, a feature which enables users to store all data, further facilitates the flow of information and training throughout a firm. iApps platform consists of modules for organization management, insight portal, webinar management, game builder, course builder, content library, leader-board and marketplace making it easy to add employees to the training platform and keep incentivizing the users through the gamification element.

The platform comes with the following features to assist engagement and learning:


A powerful quiz engine with machine learning


A library of knowledge at everyone's fingertip


Build eLearning courses in minutes


Intelligent employee surveys


Find and promote knowledge with an Insights portal

If you’d like to see us in person, come meet us at SIME (Demo Zone) on 13th & 14th November, at Epicenter, Stockholm.