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Breakfast Seminar: A networking opportunity

The breakfast seminar provides businesses the opportunity to engage with industry leaders and
talk about business success and transformation through engaged employees. The session
highlights the functional importance of your workforce’s knowledge and how can it be used to
fuel prosperity.


The breakfast Seminar was held at Sime 2019, a leading network platform for the tech and digital industry which enables business leaders, renowned innovators and key-decision makers to connect and interact. Industry experts and thought leaders from around the world gathered and shared their two cents on the importance of tribal knowledge in organizations.

Tribal Knowledge- the concept entails collective knowledge a firm’s employees have. The idea is to collect this knowledge (which is coming from different life experiences of the employees working for a firm i.e. a business idea, processes to improve flow of information, etc) and convert it into meaningful insights. This has the power to fuel innovation in a competitive environment. Thus, in doing so, one would have developed an ecosystem which increases the collective intelligence, knowledge and competitiveness of the firm.

Key Takeaways

  • Meet influencers & experts in person
  • Discuss ideas which can open new business avenues
  • Encounter new business and partners