IT Trainings & Certifications

Trainings professionals on particular systems,
technologies, and processes to encourage career growth.

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Job Opportunities

Providing a growth-oriented work
environment and opportunities to young
minds that are passionate about IT.

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Catalysts for Positive & Long-term Growth

We just don’t offer jobs we build careers. Working at Synavos means feeling empowered to create
an impact and inspired to revolutionize business processes. We offer careers with an opportunity
to bridge international borders, be yourself and have immense fun growing old with us.

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Meaningful Work

Synavos helps businesses in setting up
their digital ecosystem and add value to
the life of end users. We are a committed
bunch of people with a mission to
improve the state of the world.

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Team Events

Strong teams are built on strong
bonds. From team lunches to
brainstorming sessions we believe in
developing bonds outside the formal
walls of a workplace.

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At Synavos your level, tenure, or title
doesn’t matter- everyone has an equal
say at the table. We trust and empower
our employees so they become better
versions of themselves.

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Continuous Learning

A skilled workforce is a real asset for
every business thus we passionately
invest in learning, development, and
career growth of our employees.

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Win or Learn

We foster a spirit of exploration in our
team so they can think outside the box.
There are no failures at Synavos, only
learning from our fruitful and
non-fruitful attempts.

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Work Buddy

To make the first day at work less scary
and daunting we assign a work buddy
to every new hire to help them become
part of Synavos Family.

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Career Growth

A flat organizational structure and
supportive teamwork to assist you in
climbing up the ladder.

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Medical Insurance

We provide full healthcare, dental,
optical, so you feel great and covered
for rainy days.

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Coffee, Tea & Snacks

We know the importance of morning
coffee and tea. We provide an unlimited
supply of poison of your choice to keep
you fueled all day long.

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Stay active and bond with colleagues
by challenging them to a game of darts,
table tennis, ludo or foosball.

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Work-Life Balance

We give employees the opportunity to
work as per their convenience and provide
them with ample time to pursue their
creative passions.

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Work Equipment

Equipping you with the latest technology.
We provide MacBooks, Thinkpads and all other
accessories you need to be productive.

Collaborate. Learn. Inspire

Diversity, Disruptions and Challenges
We embrace all!

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