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Design your way from products to experiences.

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”
Steve Jobs


At Synavos, we strongly believe that through better design we can rejuvenate the way products work through simple and neat design. Through our work we are trying to change the common idea that design is just about how it looks; rather it is about how the product performs and most importantly, how it makes the user feel.


For a minute, let’s step outside the world of apps & web development. Consider these interruptions that activated happy chemicals in our brain: ice cream curls, slide-out keypad phones, electric toothbrushes, ketchup bottles with caps at the bottom, touch screen mobiles.

All these products are brilliant example of designing done right. Existing products launched with a new and creative design, helping users and consumers enjoy a new level of experience. The excitement over ice cream in the form of curls was felt across the globe. Ice cream once again became a reason for friends to connect. Point being, that a design done differently from the status quo sparks much enthusiasm and hype among its users.


You need not create a product from scratch to shake up industries, only rethink how they work. That is what we try to do; we are not always looking to revolutionize products and instead focus on creating a superior user experience. We want to make products that people will love and find easy to use. We have defined broad but clear direction for our designs that take it from just products to fluid experiences.


We feel a good design leads the way to making products better. Users are observed in their natural settings to come up with a design that provides maximum ease and comfort. These observations feed in to human-centric designs which urge technology to become leaner and cleaner.


These human elements give life to an amazingly user-friendly design, creating products that speak to their users. Design must always have a purpose, making user experience better in terms of mobility, flexibility, & interaction.


While designing our web & mobile apps and enterprise solutions, we learnt the art of making subtleties stand out through intuitive designs. We want every click, tap and transition to feel natural and right.


Last but not the least, we make sure to enjoy ourselves in the whole process of creating. A design that is fun to create is fun to use! Look at every new design as a whole new opportunity to learn and improve.


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