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Focused features instead of fancy frills.

You want to be rich in cash and your products want to be rich in features. A successful product is one equipped with the right features to make it a complete package and provide the users a satisfying experience. The process of feature enrichment is more than a simple brainstorming session. It requires a good amount of time, observation and research.

How to find the right features for your product?

It is a challenging journey from identifying the real problem that the product is seeking to solve and creating features that are achievable and unique. Here are some of the steps that have been very helpful for us in coming up with the optimal features for our clients’ products.

Go beyond identifying the gap; know it inside out.

It’s always beneficial to spend good time conducting discovery workshops. This is where we really get to know what problem the client is seeking to solve with the idea they have in mind. We find it absolutely necessary to understand the market gap, the problems that result from it and their scope. A good tip at this point is to consider new gaps that will emerge once this gap is filled. For example, mobile phones replaced traditional ones which then created a gap for touch screen and smart phones. This helps us visualize a broader approach for the product and the level of development flexibility it will require. Also, by the time competitors mimic you, you are already one step ahead! Such in-depth understanding keeps the users in loyal to and and in love your product.


Observe the people you want to make the product friendly for.

You may know your target users but its very hard to find out what they actually want. We suggest you make an extra effort here. It helped us to actually observe and talk to potential users and see how we could improve their experience through our solution. It also helps us identify which features will be must haves and which ones will help us delight users. Another good method is to observe users of other similar products. Instead of observing competitors’ product features, focus on what is making their users unhappy. Even though this is extremely challenging but it is a small way from identifying these issues to developing well rounded product features. Nike’s breathable hijab, Apple’s touch concept, airborne drone cameras, all curbed existing troubles of the users; how they did it came after.


Isolated brainstorming is just daydreaming

While converting needs and observations in to amazing features, it is essential that a cross-functional creative team takes part. It is, perhaps, the most difficult process because multiple stakeholders of the product need to be considered. The key is to filter your features into a product that will fulfil user needs, meet business end and be development friendly. No matter how fancy or creative a feature may be, if it is not feasible for your team to put together, it’s no good. Some features might be technically achievable but may be too costly to build. Never ignore value and profitability for the sake of fanciness. Last but not the least, customer is King, so focus on features that are compatible together and provide a smooth user experience. We’ve learnt over the years that satisfaction sells more than splendor.


Keep up with the constant development

This is where the possible and relevant market gaps identified for the future are put to use. Product teams must build flexible products that evolve with changing consumer needs. As mentioned, every requirement met gives birth to new needs. Look at his as an an excellent opportunity for product development and sustainable growth, enabling you to remain in your users’ favored list for a longer time. A scalable and flexible solution is essential nowadays, especially given the rapid speed of technological progress.


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