Driving with more than a decade of
business consulting success

Focusing on industry and market opportunities for our clients and their most pressing
business concerns, we provide bespoke services in the areas of strategy, technological
transformation, business analytics, human and financial capital, mergers and acquisitions,
and business operations. We provide a comprehensive perspective and extensive functional
expertise globally and across all industries.

Reinventing your business

Business Consulting

Advisory Services

Corporate landscape is evolving at a swift pace and with it, the needs and priorities of your
business. The strategies that worked for one business or that worked yesterday are of no use
to you today. To strive in the ever-changing ecosystem you cannot keep approaching things
in a conventional way, you need subject matter experts to help you get the most out of this
shift and keep you on track for what’s next to come.


Business Evaluations


Business Planning


Feasibility Planning


Risk Evaluation & Advisory


SOPs Planning


Privatization Advice

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Ensuring operational efficiency

Business Operations

Use of all resources in an optimal manner is crucial for
any business and in today’s business world it can only
be possible with the nth-level optimization of
operations. Ensuring operational efficiency with the
use of technology is what we do best at Synavos. Our
dexterous experts regulate the heart of your business
which is operations management. We automate your
processes for you to get the most out of every penny
you are putting in, with Business Process Automation
BPA that is also the core expertise of Synavos.

Safeguarding your growth

Incorporation & Legal Services

With the evolution of the business world the pressure on the legal department has also
intensified to guarantee efficiency and to deliver more. With more than a decade of
knowledge and experience, we assist our clients in modernizing their businesses’ legal and
keeping them up to date with all of the state compliances. From everything required at the
time of incorporation of the business to all regular operations and liquidations we take care
of everything and ensure your business is operating in a legally safe and secure manner.


Business Incorporation


Mergers & Acquisitions


Corporate Law Trainings


Business Liquidations


State & Industry Compliances


Business Certifications

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