Delivering imagined digital
evaluation via agile offerings

At Synavos DevOps is not just a service that we offer it’s a culture and philosophy. Our team
amalgamated agile methodology, continuous delivery, and automation to help businesses
move to the next frontier of continuous integration and business intelligence.


Software Delivery, Optimization & Integration

Through our holistic software delivery
approach, we combine people with
the right processes, and technology
to empower our teams to break down
traditional silos, shorten feedback
loops, and respond more effectively
to necessary changes.


CI/CD Pipeline Implementation

People at Synavos are continuously
bridging the technological and market
gap through continuous development,
continuous integration, continuous
testing, and continuous deployment.


Processes Automation

To make your business responsive and
scalable we automate the entire process
pipeline, starting from code generation
to production, covering the builds, test
cases, quality checks, and reports.


Consultancy & Training

We are the technology enablers with
years of experience in digitalization that also reflects in our operational core. Our team of consultants are masters in Git, Kubernetes, Jira, Jenkins, Docker, and Cloud solutions. they provide you the training sessions to enrich your business.


Infrastructure Consultancy & Setup

We advise you on system and infrastructure level functionality and usage so you can utilize the technology to its fullest and fuel you innovation and digital transformation with our robust ecosystem of open-source and licensed tools.


Change Management

We carefully track your operations and implement new procedures smoothly and timely so that the adaption of the new ways of doing things is almost seamless.

Empowering businesses by
leveraging our game-changing
approach to software delivery



All processes combined into a single streamlined system; we build enterprise solutions tailored to your business needs. We work to understand the capacity of your processes and activities for smooth functioning.



No need to buy newer solutions with every new requirement. Our solutions evolve with your needs. The use of the latest technologies has enabled us to deliver highly scalable solutions that adapt to greater workloads without compromising on performance.



Forget the stress and clutter that comes with multiple uncoordinated apps and platforms. Our solutions are highly integrable and cost-efficient. Expose your APIs and we will consume them to create a digital solution that will make your processes efficient.



We use the power of automated functional and integration tests to give you more bandwidth to do your job. With our state-of-the-art technology and a team of experts, we lead your business on the path of digital transformation.

DevOps Image

Accelerate agility
innovation, and

Expand operations and build bridges between distinct departments to overcome complex transformations. Our cross-functional team delivers expertise in development, testing, infrastructure, and operational support, and we will be pragmatic in supporting your DevOps initiatives. Increase business efficiency while balancing stakeholder and user objectives via our customized services.

  • Decrease time-to-market and increase ROI.
  • Increase organization-wise efficiency through automation.
  • Increase transparency through visibility and collaboration.
  • Improve software and application quality and validation time.

Our battle-proven toolchain

Focusing on tried and tested technologies, we hand-pick a DevOps stack
according to client needs and goals. We have a wide range of experience
working with the popular platforms like Amazon Web Services and even
completely custom architectures.


Conquer excellence and

Level up your Business!

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