A to Z of the project
development cycle

At Synavos, every idea passes through carefully
planned stages to be validated and transformed into
a viable product.

Synavos Product Development Life Cycle

Our expert team crafts your project
with integrity & innovation

We ensure that the right mind with the right skill set works on your project
to transform your idea and refine it at every step.


Discovery Team

Our discovery team puts on their thinking hats and
analyzes your idea from the development, design, and
end-users’ perspective. From the business analysts, UX
experts, and marketing strategists to technology experts
each of them brings their A-game to the table to analyze
and refine your idea from their respective domains.


Product Team (MVP)

Our product development team refines the idea by
creating mock-ups and prototypes that allow the
clients to see how the abstract idea will be shaped as
a final product. The MVP team carefully devises a pilot
version of your product that allows you to present it to
the end-users so you can validate your business idea
and modify it timely.


Product-Market Fit Team

The product-market fit team iterates the product and
makes your product ready to be launched ensuring that
it will be well received by the market. All of the builders
and strategists of your project from a marketing experts
to customer experience teams, leverage analytics and
end-users’ feedback to empower you to capture the
target market.


Scaling and Maturity Team

Our work doesn’t stop at the launch, we ensure that
your project penetrates the market and is scalable for a
continuous stream of profits. The team aims to ensure
that your project is updated timely for your business to
be scalable and sustainable.

We operate on simple philosophy that if you grow, we grow

Manage development with agile process and
achieve business goals as one team

Make the best use of experience and expertise present in the depth of tribal knowledge available to you as you add diversity to your team. No matter if you are looking to extend your in-house development team with a strategic partner or you want to hire a team for delivering your project, Synavos has got you covered. We have helped startups and leading companies by providing them with a solid team and ensuring complete

transparency and open communication with the team. We not only bring knowledge to the table but also our A-game to help you scale your business with the right resources. We provide you with solutions beyond the confines of a homogeneous thought process and engage with you to our full potential to give you a business solution that would generate a continuous stream of profit.


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