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What being a technology partner means inside Synavos?

Synavos means working hard together. Very simply put, that is exactly what being a partner means to us. We work in a combined effort with our stakeholders to produce a result of mutual impact for both the parties involved.

A lot of IT solution houses exist that can provide adequate software and professional services. However, in these times of tough competition if you want to stand out you need something more than a simple solution; you need a partner in crime! For us, when you call any relation a partnership it redefines the level of dedication, initiative and energy involved. The relationship changes from a mere exchange of payment and services to achieving a common goal together.

As a technology partner, our main stakeholder is your business process. Whether it’s about a project, product development or the continued operations of your business, we provide technical expertise throughout the entire process.


Our first step is to understand your business process.

We look at a business process as a series of activities performed to achieve a specific SMART goal. We understand each activity by asking two simple questions.


We understand each activity to optimize your business process


We analyze the nature of each activity in the process and its intended customer. So, for example communication may be a goal for both internal and external customers, the technology used in both cases will be different. The technical power that each type of business process or activity requires will also vary.

Understanding these dimensions help us build platforms and systems that can have flexible and multi-purpose functions. With this exercise we identify the way different activities work together and how they can be supported and improved through technology. Not only that, we can also build products that complement the strengths and weaknesses of your processes. Understanding the business process also includes your commercial business process. We learn the dynamics of the market you work in to understand the threats you face and opportunities you can benefit from. We bring out exactly what your customers want from you so that we can find the best way to deliver that to them.

At Synavos we have a simple rule, which demonstrates our values of continued progress and taking initiative.


We delegate problem-solving down to each employee


If a team or individual finds any space for improvement they are encouraged to provide a creative solution. This approach broadens the scope through which we address the demands and requirements of your business. These demand gaps may be internal or external. That doesn’t matter, if one has the abilities and energy to fill the gap, we are ready to buy. This leads us to our second step.


Our second step is to identify the pain-point.

So, what was the purpose of interacting with your business process? It is to identify process gaps. The gap could be at any or all stages of your business process, for example you might want an end-to-end solution from ideation to implementation or just development of a simple product. The best part at this stage is that we already understand the entire dynamic of the problem which includes:

  • Knowing what the problem exactly is and how it effects your business.
  • Identifying the kind of solution you will need to fill the process gap.
  • Understanding the constraint of resources you face in coming up with a solution.

A major benefit of our model of technical partnership is finding out exactly from how many ends the gap needs to be addressed. Let’s take a simple example, if you need to build your website, we won’t simply code and deliver it to you. Our teams will take active part in its design, user experience, development, back-end support and maintenance. Whatever technology related demands in your business process we identify, we are geared to supply them! It’s a key Synavos Advantage to go the extra mile.


Our third step is to start the action.

We don’t believe in long and extra steps in coming up with solutions. If you want a fast solution then the process you achieve it with must be efficient as well. Creative heads, development gurus and operational experts come together in dynamic cross-functional teams to create a solution for you. As technology partners we are bound to provide you with the following:

  • Develop to perfection- since we know all about your business we create a well-engineered, lean and clean solution that is customized exclusively for you. Our teams use the agile way of working that keeps you in the feedback loop with achievement of every milestone.
  • Visibility and communication- at Synavos we believe that a partnership can only be successful if all partners are equally involved. So, we keep you at the center of the whole process from concept to completion. You can engage freely with the progress of your project or product through constructive feedback, testing and demos.


The last step is to deliver the product to you.

By now, we have invested as much time, effort, heart and expectations in to the solution as much as you have. We help you deploy and implement the solution, make it go live live and watch it stand tall and proud. The moment of glory!

Of course, before that moment can come we must go through our Quality Assurance teams. They are a tough bunch. They test from every end to make sure a robust solution is delivered.


Does it stop here?

We don’t think so. There is still an awesome support system that awaits all our partners. We don’t look at this part as a step in the process since it is continuous. We sustain your solution and provide you with end-to-end managed operations, database management and infrastructure set up. We look at any issue that your customers face as our responsibility. That’s why we have set up a comprehensive resolution management system and 24/7 pro-active monitoring. Our professional services stand upon 4 strong pillars. We deliver these to all our partners to reflect our expertise and care for you.